Status: Open

Organisation: Thomson Reuters Foundation

Deadline: Ongoing

Location: London

The Trust Conference is a pivotal global forum by the Thomson Reuters Foundation that convenes experts, innovators, and activists at the forefront of shaping free and equitable societies, trustworthy institutions and inclusive and sustainable economies.

Over two days, from 22nd – 23rd October, the trust conference forum will feature panel discussions, fireside chats, interactive presentations and networking opportunities.

Day One will explore the multifaceted challenges to global democracy as AI becomes increasingly integrated into our digital landscape. They will examine how media professionals and newsrooms can ensure the core values of good journalism remain intact as they enter a new phase of radical transformation. They will then hear about the challenges faced by media in exile, and explore innovative strategies to counter legal attacks against those defending media freedom.

On Day Two, the focus will be turned to the wider societal impact of AI and the role that responsible business can play in the wake of global transformations. They will discuss international frameworks for AI governance, explore the ethical challenges of AI’s integration into the corporate sector, and look at how AI is transforming the legal profession, assessing whether its adoption is democratising access to the law or creating new barriers.

Registration guidelines

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