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Trustworthy information online – Tech for Democracy

Status: Open

Organisation: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

Deadline: Ongoing

Location: Online

The Tech for Democracy initiative is a multi-stakeholder push for protecting and promoting democracy and human rights in an era of rapid technological development launched in 2021.

Tech for Democracy connects representatives from governments, multilateral organisations, the tech industry, and civil society from global as well as local civil society organisations and activists.


The Action Coalitions target specific issues in the intersection of tech, democracy and human rights. Coalition partners will engage in concrete activities and deliver concrete solutions in line with the Copenhagen Pledge. An Action Coalition is a collaboration between public and private stakeholders from the tech industry, civil society, multilateral organizations and states. The aim of the Action Coalitions is to deliver innovative and local solutions and exemplify how we can promote change on our path ahead.

ACTION COALITION – Trustworthy information online

CONTACT: Mette Finnemann, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

Identify solutions that support trustworthy information online using responsible technological solutions in order to create a healthy digital information sphere that strengthens the democratic debate and allows for the free exchange and expression of opinions. With this Action Coalition we forge a new partnership to deliver solutions to make digital technology support democracy and human rights – and rediscover the techno-optimism of the internet’s early days.

The Action Coalition on Trustworthy Information Online brings representatives from states, the tech industry and civil society together to share best practices and deliver concrete solutions that drive forward a thriving digital sphere based on trustworthy information.

For more information see: https://techfordemocracy.dk/action-coalitions/trustworthy-information-online/


  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
  • Salesforce
  • Witness
  • Global Voices
  • Wikimedia Foundation
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