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Status: Open

Organisation: Lviv Media Forum

Deadline: Ongoing

Location: Ukraine

In 2022, the Emergency Media Support Program of the Lviv Media Forum focused on meeting the urgent needs of editors and journalists, enabling them to carry out their work and ensure their safety during a full-scale war. Throughout the year, they have processed and resolved over 330 media inquiries from all over Ukraine.

The Strategic Media Support Program is a long-term program aimed at supporting the Lviv Media Forum and fostering media growth. In the Strategic Media Support Program, they continue to assist Ukrainian media, bloggers, podcasters, and individual journalistic projects. their program focuses on implementing strategic plans that enable media organizations to strengthen their capacity, develop and scale their projects, work more efficiently, diversify revenue sources, find new ones, improve content quality, and reach a wider audience.

Media that meet the following criteria are eligible for assistance within the framework of this program:

  • Has been operating in the Ukrainian market for at least two years.
  • Did not cease operations during the full-scale war (or temporarily ceased but resumed).
  • Has a transparent ownership structure and legal income.
  • Creates high-quality and socially significant content.
  • Produces content in Ukrainian or foreign languages.
  • Does not propagate pro-Russian or anti-Ukrainian narratives and is not politically engaged.
  • Adheres to professional and ethical journalism standards.
  • Has a development/growth plan or concept*.

Possible directions for media support include:

  • Financial support for media focused on covering expenses such as editing, content promotion, translation, costs for new formats, travel expenses, audience research, and team development.
  • Support for the production and distribution of socially significant content, including projects and materials that have a strategic impact on media development. Priority will be given to content that stimulates positive changes in society or exposes war crimes committed by Russian invaders. The cost of content creation should be justified and within the average market range.
  • Payment for consultations on content and platform optimization for search engines (SEO), promotion on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, cybersecurity, website protection, business planning, fundraising, and more.
  • Assistance in improving the design, and website layout, and addressing other technical issues.
  • Payment for software, paid services, and other digital services that enable editorial teams to implement their strategic growth plans.

Learn more here about the program.

To receive assistance, please fill out the application form.

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