Status: Open

Organisation: Saxonian Foundation for Media Education

Deadline: 22/08/2024

Location: Germany

The Saxonian Foundation for Media Education (SSM, in German) will hold its 10-day SSM seminar for journalists from Central and Eastern Europe from September 16 to 26 in Leipzig, Germany.

For the 24th time, the Central and Eastern European Journalists’ SSM Seminar offers an extensive and varied information and visit program with discussion rounds, lectures and editorial tours.

So far, almost 300 journalists from 24 countries have taken part in the seminar. Today, the former participants form a widespread network across many national and system boundaries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Program and Topics

The main points of the 11-day program are visits and discussions at public and private media institutions. Representatives from the media, politics, business and culture explain the conditions at the media location in Saxony as well as the dual media system in the Federal Republic of Germany. The participants of the seminar gain insights into the working methods and functions of all relevant media genres.


The SSM Seminar 2024 would be focused on The journalistic view of the participants’ countries: miniatures from the media, politics and the everyday life of journalists.

Application guidelines

The deadline for applications is August 22, 2024. For more information about this opportunity and to register, please click here.

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