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Spheres of Influence Uncovered: Call for Pitches

Status: Closed

Organisation: Network for Border Crossing Journalism n-ost

Deadline: 31/05/2024

Location: Online

The Network for Border Crossing Journalism (n-ost) are looking for stories about economic issues that lie at the intersection between local impact and global relevance for the ‘Spheres of Influence Uncovered’ media project.

In this call for pitches, they are especially interested in data-driven, cross-border articles that make complex economic issues accessible to a general audience.

Spheres of Influence Uncovered

Spheres of Influence Uncovered is a cross-border media project that is seeking to stimulate and broaden public discussion on economic and geopolitical issues in our project countries of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Georgia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. To do this, we are financially and editorially supporting the work of journalists who are interested in writing on related topics.

For cross-border stories – you can send a pitch in collaboration with a colleague from another country, pitch alone and note that you would like to be connected with a journalist in their network, OR you could get in touch with your idea before the deadline and they can try and connect you beforehand.

The stories must have relevance for the project countries – for example, a cross-border story looking at an issue in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan would fit their criteria, but not a story about Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

General communication is primarily in English, and English is needed for cross-border stories, but feel free to pitch any of the languages used in project countries for country-specific stories (Georgian, Serbian, Russian, Uzbek, etc.)

Submission guidelines

For more information about this opportunity and to participate, please click here. The deadline for this call for pitches is 31 May, 2024.

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