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Research Assessment Panels

Status: Open

Organisation: International Observatory On information and Democracy.

Deadline: Ongoing

Location: Online

On the 26 of September, the Steering Committee of the Observatory, composed of 19 members from different geographical backgrounds and expertise, met for the first time to validate thematic priorities for the inaugural report of the International Observatory On information and Democracy.

Based on a thorough consultation process with insights from all relevant stakeholders (Academia, NGOs, States, regulatory agencies and private companies) gathered in the Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) of the Observatory, three broad themes have been validated to be part of the first Observatory report:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Media in the digital age
  3. Data Governance

As next steps, three Research Assessment Panels will be created for each selected theme. Each theme will take the form of a chapter of the final report.

The objective is to provide by the end of 2024 a report synthesizing international academic publications answering the most urgent questions at the intersection of information and democracy around these three topics.

The Observatory is looking for contributors to each of these Research Assessment Panels

Members of the Research Assessment Panels will be in charge of sourcing and selecting academic resources through global calls for contributions and ensuring a scientific review of these contributions.

Each Research Assessment Panel will be supported by two rapporteurs who are in charge of the drafting process. A Scientific Director and Lead rapporteur will oversee the production process of each Research Assessment Panel.

Members of the Research Assessment Panels are expected to meet online every two months (on average) to discuss progress made on the draft and analyze contributions from experts and stakeholders.

The first meetings of the Research Assessment Panels are expected to take place mid-November.

Learn more here and share your contributions.

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