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Radio’s role during the COVID crisis

The RED TECH newsletter December 2021 reports on the role of radio – and especially local radio – has had during the Covid crisis: a health crisis, which has also resulted in both different kinds of social and information crisis. Radio has too many of the listeners interviewed in the UK resulting in the percentages shown in the image here, been found to be a positive answer to quite a few of those crisis situations.

RED TECH stresses that “While the last months have been nothing short of tragic, COVID has been positive for the radio sector. It has reminded everyone, including those excited by new audio options, just how important nationally and locally based radio was in targeting informational and psychological needs during the lockdown. A high proportion of listeners saw it as a tool to stay in touch, while its capacity to keep people company and improve mood cannot be overestimated. As such, in difficult times, people can consciously appreciate the benefits it can provide.”

Read the full article here.

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