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Policy and learning meetings

Status: Open

Organisation: Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD)

Deadline: Ongoing

Location: Hybrid

GFMD’s policy and learning meetings offer an opportunity to bring together the entire GFMD community around a particular topic or issue.

The meetings facilitate the production of policy papers on different topics and/or joint submissions to various calls for contributions on issues related to media policy at a local, national, and international level.

Occasionally, the meetings are also used to coordinate joint advocacy initiatives:

GFMD policy and learning meetings are only available to GFMD members.

If you work for a GFMD member:

  • Subscribe to the GFMD member’s email list to make sure that you are aware of the next meeting by sending an email to gfmd-members+subscribe@groups.io
  • Get in touch with the GFMD Secretariat to propose a topic or put forward research or a report to inform and future discussion projects@gfmd.info

If you do not work for a GFMD member organisation we encourage you to read about the benefits of GFMD membership and to considering applying. The application form takes around 5 minutes.


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