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Call for Proposals: 2023 Partners for Democracy Day

Status: Closed

Organisation: Global Democracy Coalition Forum (GDCF)

Deadline: 26/03/2023

Location: Global

In the lead-up to the second Summit, the Global Democracy Coalition will convene a Partners for Democracy Day on 27 March 2023.

Partners for Democracy Day is open to any civil society organization, think tank, philanthropic organization or academic institution – member or not of the Coalition – that seeks to engage with the Summit for Democracy, by organizing an event or panel discussion.

Partners for Democracy Day is envisaged as a series of virtual, in-person and hybrid events organized by partners in the Global Democracy Coalition under a common umbrella. Each event will be organized by a volunteering organization(s). The Global Democracy Coalition will provide the logo and generic guidelines and will help advertise the events under a common umbrella of Partners for Democracy Day on the Global Democracy Coalition´s website.

If your organization is interested in organizing an event under the umbrella of Partners for Democracy Day by the Global Democracy Coalition, fill in this form. In addition, for social media promotion, please use the hashtag #PartnersforDemocracy and #P4D.

For more information, please click here or contact Elisenda Balleste Buxo (e.ballestebuxo@idea.int) and Alexander Mayer (a.mayer@idea.int).

GFMD and the Summit for Democracy

GFMD invites you to participate in the Media Freedom Cohort of the second Summit for Democracy.

The Media Freedom Cohort is a multi-stakeholder platform which aims to bring together civil society actors, media, private sector leaders, philanthropic partners, academics, and government decision-makers, with a shared commitment to making concrete progress in improving media freedom.

More information about how to engage and participate in the Media Freedom Cohort of the Summit for Democracy.

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