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Open Society AI in Journalism Futures 2024

Status: Closed

Organisation: Open Society Foundations

Deadline: 23/02/2024

Location: Online

The Open Society AI in Journalism Futures project aims to kick-start a global public conversation that focuses on the long-term, structural implications of AI on the information ecosystem.

To answer questions and drive engagement on AI-driven innovation its impact on journalism, Open Society will host an AI in Journalism Futures convening in Italy on April 15-16, 2024, and are inviting participants to share their visions of an AI-mediated future.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Be engaged with the digital information ecosystem
  • Be aware of the new AI capabilities available from AI and their potential to disrupt media
  • Be thinking about or working with the emerging AI-mediated information ecosystem

Successful applicants must commit to attending a two-day workshop on April 15 and 16 in Italy. Travel and expenses will be covered.

Submission Guidelines

Applicants should submit their visions of an AI-mediated information ecosystem, which they call “mini-scenarios,” in 300 words or less following the criteria provided in the full application guidelines before 23 February, 2024.

Applications must be from individuals, and only one entry per individual will be considered.

Submissions can be made in any language, however they request that English be used if possible. For more information, please click here.

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