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MILES – Documenting good practice concepts and methods Media and Information Literacy (MIL) training

CMFE engages in collaboration around Media and Information Literacy. In the middle of last year, 2021, CMFE together with six other community media organisations in Europe started up a 2-year project, aimed at identifying, testing and documenting good practice concepts and methods, and helpful resources for Media and Information Literacy (MIL) training and develop applicable methods for evaluating these trainings.

This is important for community media in Europe due to the decisive changes in human communication processes and behaviour, as also recognized by global and European institutions, from UNESCO to the European Parliament and Commission. Media and Information Literacy aims to empower citizens by providing them with the competencies (knowledge and skills and attitude) necessary to engage with traditional media and new technologies, with a critical mind. For community media this is both important for the broadcasters and for their audiences – we as such both need to use MIL in our own practice and share the learning through our media.

The MILES project will share the good practice results online and as a publication in five languages to inspire colleagues in other community media to set up MIL strategies.

Media and Information Literacy (MIL) is a “combination of knowledge, attitudes, skills, and practices required to access, analyse, evaluate, use, produce, and communicate information and knowledge in creative, legal and ethical ways that respect human rights”
(Moscow Declaration on Media and Information Literacy, 2012)

The six European Community Media entities engaging with CMFE in the MILES project are: Radio ARA, Luxembourg; Civil Rádió, Hungary; Teleduca. Educació i Comunicació, Spain; Bradford Community Broadcasting, UK; Radio Kärnan 99.2, Sweden; NEAR FM, Ireland.

Organisation: Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE)

Deadline: Ongoing

Location: Online


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