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Media Viability Accelerator – register now

Status: Open

Organisation: Internews

Deadline: Ongoing

The Media Viability Accelerator (MVA): helping media organisations enhance their revenue and find ways to thrive in an increasingly difficult economic environment.

GFMD is partnering with Internews to support the development of the Media Viability Accelerator, a web-based platform that will help news media become more financially sustainable by accessing solutions and market insights to inform effective business strategies.

Sign up to register your interest in the MVA and to have your say:

  • Help shape the MVA
  • Create integrations for the MVA Solutions marketplace
  • Partner with us in bringing the MVA’s benefits to diverse media and stakeholders globally

More about the Media Viability Accelerator

The MVA is for media outlets, funders, investors, technologists, consultants, accreditation bodies, media associations, researchers, academics, and more. It will provide insights free of charge.

It is based on the belief that a wide range of independent media is essential to democracy, but that many struggle to survive when they are beset by loss of ad revenue and anti-democratic pressures. To reverse this trend, media need;

  • insights on what strategies will actually work to sustain their efforts
  • partners to help implement those solutions
  • access to funding to turn ideas into improved viability.

Participating media outlets will learn from a community of peers, access a multi-lingual tool that visualises media performance data, and receive actionable daily alerts based on thousands of market and media sources

The MVA has two primary components:

  • MVA Insights – a context-driven platform to track, benchmark, and optimise media outlets’ business performance
  • MVA Solutions – a diverse marketplace of solutions and services aimed at media viability, connecting to MVA Insights

The MVA was publicly announced during the 2023 Summit for Democracy.

For more information about how you can be involved, please contact Tom Law or Anne Marie Hammer

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