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ISO International Workshop Agreement (IWA) on Unique Media Identifier (UMId) for distribution channels and brands

Status: Closed

Organisation: Global Media Registry

Deadline: 08/02/2024

Location: Berlin, Germany

The Global Media Registry (GMR) and DIN are pleased to invite interested stakeholders from public and private sector organizations worldwide to participate in the ISO International Workshop Agreement (IWA) on Unique Media Identifier (UMId) for distribution channels and brands.


The IWA aims at enhancing the integrity of content indexation and recommendation, primarily by online platforms (e. g. search, streaming and social media). This is intended to be achieved by harmonising and improving the effectiveness of respective signalling along the distribution chain by means of a unique identifier of channels and brands.

In addition, the deliverable of the IWA may be used by other stakeholders that engage with mass media and content distribution online such as providers/operators of advertising technology and public sector actors (e. g. regulatory authorities). For the avoidance of doubt, the proposer wishes to clarify that this indicator is about the means of distribution of media only, not about individual pieces of content. Thus, its purpose is to unambiguously identify the respective source, for example in order to trace back and identify its ultimate beneficial owner. Accordingly, it will be designed to provide signal transparency and integrity in a neutral way, not a value judgement about the trustworthiness of the content itself.

To participate

Please fill in the registration form, attached as Annex 3, and return it at the latest by the 2024-02-08 to the secretariat: gregor.roschkowski@din.de. The Workshop will be open to registered participants only.

Time schedule for the ISO IWA

  • The kick-off workshop will take place at DIN on 21 Feburary 2024.
  • A possibility to join virtually will be provided.
  • If deemed necessary, further workshops will take place at the following schedule:
  • 2024-04-24 1st Workshop Meeting
  • 2024-07-17 2nd Workshop Meeting, followed by public consultation
  • 2024-11-20 3rd Final Workshop Meeting (Disposition of comments, Approval of Publication)

Learn more here about the workshop and how to participate.

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