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International Observatory on Information and Democracy Launches Second Global Call for Research

Status: Closed

Organisation: International Observatory On information and Democracy.

Deadline: 15/04/2024

Location: Online

The International Observatory on Information and Democracy (IOID) launches a Second Global Call for Research to Expand Literature on Crucial Research Questions, with Emphasis on Global South Regions.

The International Observatory on Information and Democracy invites you to contribute to building the IPCC for the information space by submitting existing research through their contribution portal or by getting in touch directly via email.

A first call for contribution was launched in November 2023, gathering over hundreds of sources from all regions of the world. They are now launching a second edition, focused on a few research questions, where additional sources are welcomed, particularly from the global south.

This report will establish a common understanding of the available research and gaps and thus support governments, policymakers, regulatory bodies, NGOs and tech corporations to design better policies that safeguard our democratic institutions.

To ensure the highest quality, relevance and diversity of the findings of the inaugural report, the Observatory calls upon experts and researchers on Artificial intelligence, media in the digital age, data governance and mis- and disinformation to submit literature material, especially from the Global South, answering the research questions addressed in the call.

If you would like to highlight your research among international experts and be acknowledged as a contributor to the Observatory’s inaugural report, you have until 15 April 2024 to share your, or a fellow researcher’s, paper, reports or published opinion pieces by following the instructions given.

Submission Guidelines

Contributions should be submitted using the provided template and emailed to observatory@informationdemocracy.org by 15 April, 2024. Submissions must be in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese. For more information, please click here.

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