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Important Human Rights & Security Launches by Facebook

On the week of the 29th of November 2021, Facebook launched several important initiatives. Each initiative has years in the making:

  1. Philippines Due Diligence  + Meta Response – On December 3, 2021, we published the findings of the independent HRIA we commissioned in the Philippines, along with a Meta Response. The latter contains significant detail on human rights-related actions, policies, and follow up work. We’ve briefed local and regional stakeholders, and are very happy to answer questions/discuss takeaways, particularly as the national elections loom closer. Here are links to the  Newsroom post, to the Executive Summary, and to our response.  This is likely one of the last due diligence releases we’ll be making before the launch of our annual human rights report.
  2. Expanding Facebook Protect – We’re expanding Facebook Protect, Meta’s security program for people more likely to be targeted by malicious hackers, such as HRDs, journalists, and election candidates. It monitors for threats and helps people protect themselves more strongly against bad actors. The program requires the use of two-factor authentication and is likely to cover 50 countries by end of the year, including the Philippines and India.
  3. Stop NCII Launch – More than 50 organisations have come together to support this global NCII (revenge porn) reporting tool. This enables people fearing or experiencing sharing of NCII to share hashes across multiple platforms. The goal is to make removal simpler, swifter, and more effective. See this Meta Newsroom post for an overview.
  4. Adversarial Threat Report – While you may be used to our monthly CIB reporting, last week we launched our first Adversarial Threat Report. It contains reporting on several kinds of behaviours/networks targeting HRDs. It gives good insight into the new 2021 policies on brigading, mass harassment, and coordinated social harm, developed in partnership with the human rights team. This article on Vietnam is an example of enforcement.  It also announces the expansion of related data sharing via a Crowdtangle-enabled archive.

Organisation: Facebook (Meta)

Deadline: Ongoing

Location: Online


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