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Environmental Investigative Forum 2022 – Annual Webinar

Status: Closed

Organisation: Environmental Investigative Forum (EIF)

Deadline: 25/02/2022

Location: Online

On the 25th of February, at 4:30 pm CET, the Environmental Investigative Forum (EIF) will hold its first online Annual Webinar. EIF is a global non-profit registered in France and works as a consortium of journalists and experts dedicated to cross-border environmental journalism worldwide.

During this event, EIF will discuss their members’ past investigations, good practices for environmental investigative journalism, as well as potential partnerships for activities on both global and regional scales.

After discussing EIF’s achievements and publications of 2021 with EIF’s director, Alexandre Brutelle, EIF members will present a set of environmental investigations and related tools and techniques that they’ve used to achieve them. Topics will range from remote sensing techniques to the legal screening of environmental impact documentation, countering science disinformation and FOI techniques.

The last part of the event will be dedicated to presenting the way the EIF network functions across regions for collaborative environmental investigations, as well as their latest efforts to make it even more interactive and connected than the previous year! This part will be followed-up by a quick networking session for the attendees to join and discuss potential ideas for cooperation.

Here is the agenda for this session. The event will take place on Zoom, please note there will be a maximum threshold of 100 attendees; to join, simply follow the link below:

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 980 6860 6339
Passcode: 382480

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