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Defenders in Development – Survey to set the new campaign objectives

Status: Closed

Organisation: The Coalition for Human Rights in Development

Deadline: 24/11/2023

Location: Remote

The Defenders in Development campaign launched a global consultation to collectively set the objectives and priorities for the next three years. In the first phase of the consultation, they are gathering input to evaluate what they achieved so far and what are the key trends/changes in the context that they should take into account to set the new priorities.

Please fill out this survey (available in ENG, FR, SP) by Friday, November 24.

The DID campaign: what have we achieved so far?

Three years ago, through a collective process, they set up 3 objectives:

  1. Equipping Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) at risk to challenge development banks on reprisals
  2. Pushing development banks to take effective action to prevent reprisals
  3. Holding development banks accountable for reprisals.

In this brief report, you can find an update about the different activities we conducted and read about some of the successes we had, as well as some of the challenges we faced.

We’re particularly grateful to all the HRDs and organizations we worked with. As the current strategic period comes to a close, we look forward to set together the priorities for the next phase.

The new objective-setting collective process

In the next 6-7 months, through surveys and consultations, we’d like to discuss together the campaign objectives for 2024-2027. The process will culminate in a face-to-face gathering (possibly in Tbilisi, Georgia), that will bring together HRDs, HRD protection groups and groups specialising in development finance.

The process will involve three stages:

  1. setting the scene, ie. evaluation + analysis
  2. setting priorities, ie. identifying how to address issues arising from the assessment stage
  3. setting objectives.

How to participate

  • Please fill out this survey (available in ENG, FR, SP) by Friday, November 24.
  • Would you like to share info about the campaign with others? Please check out this page where you can find further info about the DID campaign, reports and all the latest news.
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