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DC-Sustainability 2023 Planning Meeting – Mon, 30 January

Status: Closed

Organisation: Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD)

Deadline: 30/01/2023

Location: Online

To all DC-Sustainability members:

We’re kicking off our planning and coordination for 2023 this month and we want to hear from you to help shape our activity plans for the year.

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is currently collecting inputs on this year’s thematic focus as part of its annual preparatory process and UNESCO is about to hold a global conference on digital platform regulation in February, which makes this a great time for us to talk about how we can contribute to these global discussions.

We invite you to join us for a one-hour meeting on Monday, January 30, at 10:00 U.S. EST / 16:00 CET via Zoom. Please use this link to register for the meeting.

We will discuss the dynamic coalition’s goals for 2023, get your ideas for the IGF process, and talk about potential collaboration around the UNESCO conference and World Press Freedom Day. We will also exchange thoughts about news sustainability and Internet governance topics that might be of interest for our community this year. Here’s a tentative agenda for the online meeting:

  1. Introduction and Review of 2022 activities (5 minutes)
  2. DC goals for 2023 (10 minutes): Discussion on thematic priority areas, quarterly learning calls, improving engagement on the listserv and plans for the annual report
  3. IGF 2023 input and planning (15 minutes): Discussion on input to IGF secretariat on thematic focus for this year’s forum and sharing ideas for session proposals, in light of compressed IGF timeline this year.
  4. UNESCO Internet for Trust Global Conference (15 minutes): Discussion on opportunities for a DC session, submitting formal input or drafting suggestions in connection with the UNESCO conference on regulating digital platforms in February
  5. WPFD 2023 (10 minutes): Does the DC want to organize a side event in NYC? This could potentially be a follow-on the UNESCO Trust conference
  6. AOB (5 minutes)

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