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Conferences for Journalists: Everything You Need to Know

Status: Closed

Organisation: International Centre for Journalists (ICFJ)

Deadline: 26/05/2022

Location: Online

The world is moving on from COVID-19 and in-person conferences are back. Virtual conferences aren’t going anywhere either.

For journalists, conferences are great opportunities to network and get exclusive stories. But how do you find relevant conferences, how do you attend when you do not have a powerful passport, and how do you cover them? What conferences are still being held this year that you as a journalist can attend and cover?

On their next webinar, Paul Adepoju, ICFJ’s Community Manager, will be sharing tips on how to find conferences to attend and how to sharpen live coverage skills over the years. He will also share how to get the most out of your conference experience — including how he was able to sell pictures he took at COP26 to 300 buyers on Shutterstock.

The webinar will be happening during the week of the World Health Organization’s World Health Assembly. And he will use this as an example of how to also cover virtual conferences.
Furthermore, he will highlight why attending conferences is important to you as a journalist, how to navigate travel scholarship applications, cheap options if you don’t have a scholarship, how to get the best out of your conference experience, pitfalls to avoid, resources, tips and much more.

Register here.

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