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Call for Tender: Special Issue on Climate Change in Morocco

Status: Closed

Organisation: Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

Deadline: 18/09/2023

Location: Morocco

With the aim to strengthen and support media in the North African Region through knowledge production, the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS) North Africa Office is seeking to contract a media to produce specific issue on climate change in Morocco.  

Located at the northern end of the African continent, Morocco is recognized by international organizations as a “climate hotspot” and is particularly affected by climate change induced by the major polluting powers.

In fact, Morocco is one of the most water-poor countries in the world, rapidly approaching the absolute water shortage limit of 500 cubic meters of water per person per year. Moreover, the current frequent and severe droughts are a major source of economic fluctuations and threaten the food sovereignty of Moroccans. In addition, sea levels are changing significantly, leading to increased flood risks in coastal areas, which are home to over 65% of the population and over 90% of industrial activity.

It is therefore important to assess and analyze the climate change situation and report on its immediate effects on nature and on the men and women in Morocco’s disadvantaged regions. It is also important to understand the commitments made by Morocco at the various COPs and to assess their relevance to the country’s current and future situation.


  • To produce an informed and documented discourse on climate change in Morocco.
  • Deconstructing misconceptions about climate change in Morocco.
  • Assess Morocco’s commitments at the various COPs.
  • Generate debate against hegemonic ecological solutions and provide a basic outline of a just and democratic ecological system in the region.

Target Groups

  • The special issue will target a large audience, made up of activists, students, academics, journalists, and sympathizers with ecological causes.
  • It will target Media, NGOs and other civil society organizations in the North African countries liked to ecological issues
  • It will target Media, NGOs and other civil society organizations in the global North and South liked to ecological issues


  • Necessary qualification: Proven experience in Media production.
  • The Special issue can be conducted in French, or Arabic or English.
  • The order will be issued as a service/or honorarium contract and the proposed media should submit the following documents:

Learn more here and apply.


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