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Call for Proposals: Inclusive Media Manual, Sawt Activity in Jordan

Status: Open

Organisation: Internews

Deadline: 18/04/2024

Location: Jordan

The Strengthening Civil Society and Media Systems (Sawt) intends to engage a service provider for the creation of an inclusive media manual, aimed at empowering journalists and media outlets to produce content that embraces diversity, upholds human rights principles, and actively promotes inclusivity.

This manual will be meticulously evidence-based, involving a comprehensive study to identify gaps in media content that may perpetuate discrimination or lack respect, Also, the manual will reference credible resources including relevant Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) and media resources of Internews. while also determining strategies for fostering inclusive media content.

Furthermore, the service provider will create an Arabic training manual as a supplement to the inclusive media manual. This training resource will provide media practitioners with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively implement the guidelines and recommendations outlined in the inclusive media manual.


This ToR outlines the scope of work for three primary deliverables:

  • Development of a specialized media inclusivity study in Arabic to comprehensively understand gaps related to discriminatory and disrespectful media content.
  • Development of inclusive media manual in Arabic based on insights gained from the study and utilizing relevant USAID and Internews resources, aimed at empowering journalists and media outlets to create inclusive content.
  • Development of a training manual in Arabic to complement the inclusive media manual, providing media practitioners with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively implement the guidelines and recommendations outlined in the manual, additionally, conducting three training sessions for 60 journalists.
Scope of Work
Media Inclusivity Study in Arabic
  • Research Design: Develop a research methodology incorporating both qualitative and quantitative approaches, utilizing surveys, interviews, content analysis, and case studies to gather relevant data on discriminatory or disrespectful media content and identify gaps.
  • Comprehensive Content Analysis: Perform thorough analysis of media content, reviewing existing research and literature on inclusive media practices to understand current challenges and gaps related to discriminatory or disrespectful media content.
  • Stakeholder Consultation: Engage with key stakeholders, including journalists, media professionals, advocacy groups, and representatives from diverse communities, to gather insights, concerns, and perspectives on inclusivity in media content.
  • Data Collection: Implement the research design to collect relevant data on existing media content, analyzing patterns and common issues, and identifying specific examples of discriminatory content requiring enhancement.
  • Report and Analysis: Compile and analyse research findings, providing evidence-based insights into the current state of media inclusivity and identifying areas for improvement.
Inclusive Media Manual in Arabic
  • Manual Development: Based on study findings and referencing relevant USAID and Internews resources, develop a comprehensive manual addressing identified gaps and challenges, including practical guidelines, best practices, and examples to empower journalists and media outlets to create inclusive content.
  • Review and Feedback: Seek feedback from stakeholders on the draft manual, incorporating constructive input to enhance content and effectiveness.
A training manual in Arabic
  • Training Manual Development: Building upon the Inclusive Media Manual, develop an Arabic training manual aimed at complementing the existing manual. This training manual will equip media practitioners with the requisite knowledge and skills to proficiently implement the guidelines and recommendations outlined in the manual.
  • Training Delivery: Deliver three training sessions tailored for 60 journalists, focusing on imparting the necessary knowledge and skills required to effectively implement the guidelines and recommendations provided in the manual.
Submission Guidelines

For more information about this opportunity and to submit your proposal, please click here. The deadline for applications is 18 April, 2024.

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