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All fired up: The journalists addressing the climate emergency with words and actions

As world leaders gather for COP26, Thomson Foundation showcases the work of journalists who put the environment at the heart of the stories they tell. The 15 give voice to communities that have played little role in raising the world’s temperature but who have been hardest hit by the climate emergency.

From Colombia and Cuba to Egypt, India and Albania, the shortlisted stories were chosen from more than 300 environmental stories entered for the annual Thomson Foundation Young Journalist Award, as part of a special, one-off prize to mark the make-or-break UN climate summit in Glasgow.

The journalists are from a generation mobilised to generate urgent change and avoid inheriting a planet in peril. They have transformed complex ecological issues into compelling storytelling that is both local and relatable and frequently, solvable. They have demonstrated that the crisis is not abstract and a distant threat, but one that is personal and affects everyone directly, although not always equally.

Thomson Foundation will be showcasing the work of their shortlisted journalists for the duration of COP26 and celebrating their contribution to the climate debate.

See the shortlisted stories on their website and take part in the conversation using our dedicated hashtag #TFEnvironment.

Organisation: Thomson Foundation

Deadline: Ongoing

Location: Online


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