The GFMD promotes and disseminates research and analysis on the impact of media on development policies. We also encourage the evaluation of media development work as a way to identify and advance best practices, methods and technologies.

  • Cameco online library catalogue

    08 July 2015
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  • Ethical Journalism Network: Building Trust and Taking the Hate Out of Journalism

    22 June 2015
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    This report on the work in 2014 of the Ethical Journalism Network covers a period of intense activity during which we have consolidated our presence in media development efforts to strengthen journalism worldwide. At the same time we have improved our organisation and continued to expand. We have carried out targeted actions in all regions of the world which are set out in a full calendar of major events.

  • The Power of Talk: Media and Accountability in three African countries

    16 December 2014
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    The first is a new policy briefing: The Power of Talk: Media and Accountability in three African countries, the latest in a series of BBC Media Action briefings to explore the complex but crucial role of media within fragile settings. It draws on BBC Media Action’s experience of delivering A National Conversation, a five-year, Dfid-funded media support project in Angola, Sierra and Leone and Tanzania aimed at improving transparency, accountability and participation.

  • Literature review on Media development's role in social, economic, and political progress.

    13 November 2014
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    The purpose of this literature review done by Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) is to present evidence suggesting that a quality, independent media has a positive impact on society and should be viewed as a critical development outcome in itself. The review is divided into three sections addressing three areas where media can have a positive effect on societies

  • GFMD Toolkit for Assessing Media Landscapes

    07 October 2014

    This toolkit surveys some of the instruments available for assessing media landscapes. It sets out advice around clarifying and purpose of assessment and how this impacts around choosing, creating and using the best tools for assessing different aspects of a media landscape. It provides examples of different approached to evaluating impact of media development.