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Workshop on Mediadev, CVE & counter-propaganda: Where is the problem ?

01 April 2016

Participation is invite-only for GFMD members, journalists, CVE specialists, academics and international organisations, up to 30 people. Attendees are expected to share their perspectives and actively participate. If a presentation on a specific topic is required, we will contact you separately.

The event starts at 9:00 and ends at 17:30. This meeting is organized with the kind support of the INFOCORE international collaborative research project and BBC Media Action.

Workshop concept

By using media and strategic communication as tools to fight violent extremism or anti-Western narratives, Northern America and European countries have entered into the global information war space. The GFMD and its members are seeing the security agenda gradually impacting public funding policies for media development. This trend triggers questions and concerns:

  • Are investments in strategic communications, countering state propaganda and the narrative of radical groups and violent extremism made to the detriment of supporting independent and pluralistic media ecosystems?
  • Is it the role of the media & media development groups to work in that space. And who else is there?
  • What is the effectiveness of such policies? Are there good and bad initiatives?
  • What happens to local media in Syria or Eastern Europe when they engage in counter-narrative or CVE activities?  

As part of its policy and research activities on aid effectiveness in mediadev, the GFMD organizes a frank conversation with NGOs, academics and CVE specialists. The aim is to identify trends, missing data and issues, then strategise jointly about how to address them with ethical rules, further evidence research or joint advocacy.

 More information: [email protected]