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Get ready for the 2016 Jakarta World Forum for Media Development

02 February 2016
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The news industry is transforming rapidly as digital technology redefines the field. For organisations that help promote independent media, the changes offer exciting opportunities to help professional media and citizen journalists expand and deepen coverage, and call for new strategies and approaches for sustainability. This is all taking place at times when working as a journalist has never been more dangerous and when independent media are engaged in a battle for survival with state-run players, large-scale media conglomerates and social media platforms.

From September 20-22, 2016, the Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD) will hold its fourth international conference in Jakarta, Indonesia. The 2016 World Forum for Media Development, entitled Decoding the Future: Rethinking Media for a New World will be organised in partnership with the Indonesian Press Council at Multimedia Nusantara University in Tangerang. Participants will share best practices, new technologies and practical research, and help each other find solutions for challenges facing the sector and explore ideas that will sustainably enhance news coverage, access to information and protection of journalists. In the midst of the global debate on countering the narrative of radical groups, the role of media in promoting development and free access to information, the World Forum is timelier than ever.

Jakarta is an ideal place to discuss the new trends. It is a city that symbolises successful democratic transition and is in fact the capital of one of the world’s largest democracies that has embraced technological change and adopted social media to promote civic and political participation. It is at the crossroads of many religions and civilisations, and a dynamic economic hub for enterprises of all sizes and sectors.

The 2016 World Forum for Media Development is the multi-annual, long-awaited gathering of media professionals and assistance groups. An opportunity to network, build partnerships and discover the latest trends in media development. Don’t miss it.

How you can help

1- Suggest names of participants, speakers and presenters, by February 15, around the five following themes:

• Asia: A who’s who in the Asian media landscape, the top players, the local values and the new business models;
• Extremism: The ways and means to address radical narratives through quality journalism, ethics and commitment to human rights and free speech;
• Media and business: Understanding who owns the media and how to ensure sustainability of quality journalism;
• Audience: A look into today’s media consumers, their habits, expectations and aspirations;
• Technology: Discovering the latest trends and how to make sense of what new technological advances mean for tomorrow’s journalism

The World Forum will also focus on access to information, recently established as one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and on the importance of coordination for media development to create synergies facing the most pressing challenges.

2- Sponsor the participation of the best and brightest.

For 1,500 EUR per person, your organisation can sponsor the participation of international journalists, media professionals, media development experts, academics and researchers in the World Forum. This amount covers cost of travel to and accommodation in Jakarta for the duration of the World Forum, conference logistics and participation fees. Meals and transport are graciously provided by the Indonesian Press Council.

Please let us know, by February 28, the names of your organisation’s representatives at the World Forum, the names of participants you wish to see invited, and the number of persons your organisation is ready to sponsor.

The aim is to reach, in addition to the 100 Indonesian participants, a total of 300 international participants from all over the world.

Send your suggestions and sponsorship commitments to Ayman Mhanna [email protected] with World Forum in the subject line.