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Fruitful brainstorming about why and how to integrate media in post-MDGs at the EDD13

28 November 2013

More than 60 people attended this 27 November the GFMD and Deutsche Welle Akademie Lab Session “Capturing the potential of media in the post-2015 process” on the second day of this annual edition of the European Development Days in Brussels.

The attendants of this session were Media Development experts, researchers and policy makers other Development stakeholders. All took an active part to this session, conceived as a brainstorming about how to integrate the media in the post-MDGs. Mr James Deane of BBC Media Action highlighted the policy perspectives and pointed out that there is no guarantee that media development will be included in the new development goals with his presentation “Freedom of Expression, Media and Development”.

Watch Mr James Deane full presentation here:

Ms Jeanette Minnie from Zambezi FoX and member of the Africa Steering Committee of the GFMD presented best practices and data linking media and Development with an African perspective proving that Media development cooperation is is having a positive impact on African democratization processes.  “Old and new media development challenges in Africa” full presentation here Media_development_challenges_in_Africa_-_Jeanette_Minnie.pdf .

Watch Ms Jeanette Minnie full presentation here:


Mr Douglas Arellanes from Source Fabric brought a fresh look on the Digital evolutions with “Open Code is Free Speech, an open source approach full presentation here Arellanes_EDD13_Presentation.pdf and pointed out that accessible and flexible source codes are an effective method for developing digital instruments that can contribute to transparency and accountability.

Watch Mr Douglas Arellanes full presentation here:


This session was moderated by Mr Patrick Leusch from Deutsche Welle Akademie who facilitated the interaction between speakers and the four working groups established during the session.

Watch the working groups conclusions here:


The session was concluded with the inputs and comments from Mr Per Oesterlund from Danicom who reminded about the need focus on values when dealing with Development goals. 

Watch Mr Per Oesterlund full presentation here:


After the workshop, Mr Patrick Leusch from Deutsche Welle Akademie, qualified this brainstorming session as a fruitful discussion.


The GFMD will soon publish a full report of the session and is working on the strategic campaign on this topic with a core group of members and welcomes inputs.

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