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Media Development and Internet Governance: Setting the Agenda

21 November 2017
Topics: Members, Advocacy and Policy, International, Information and Technology, Digital Rights/Security, Internet
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The future of the internet will be critical in determining people’s access to the high-quality news and information they need to be informed and engaged citizens. It will also determine whether people are able to participate in broader governance discussions on a relatively level playing field.

In response to growing interest in Internet governance among media development stakeholders, CIMA, ARTICLE 19, GFMD, and IMS are convening interested media development groups for a meeting in conjuction with the 2017 Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Geneva, Switzerland.

The goal of this gathering is to share knowledge, set common priorities, and identify modalities of working together going forward. The meeting will begin with two brief presentations laying out what is at stake for media development in current IG debates. Then we will break into smaller groups to discuss priorities and ways of working together. This is intended to the first in an ongoing dialogue among media development stakeholders about how to become more engaged with IG.
Objective: To share knowledge, set common priorities, and identify modalities of working together and sharing information

Key discussion topics to cover as part of plenary and group discussions:

  • Media development actors’ engagement on technical internet governance issues
  • Internet governance literacy for the media development sector
  • Improving reporting on internet governance issues, especially in developing countries

 The gathering will take place at Maison de la Paix (Interpeace) on December 17th between 1 and 5.30 pm.

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