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Emergency Help for Caribbean Media Workers

28 September 2017
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The 2017 hurricane season has been one of the worst in the Caribbean so far. With three major hurricanes devastating the islands in just a fortnight, most affected areas were left without power, flooded, and in need of essential services. 

While the region is accustomed to the annual hurricane season and preparing for large storms, the recent hurricane activity in the region in unprecedented in the size, strength and frequency of the storms. And more hurricanes could impact the region until the end of hurricane season in November.

There is great need for the media to cover these natural disasters before they occur – to warn residents and inform them of shelter locations, updates on the storm, evacuation procedures, etc., and also to cover the aftermath.

With limited resources and facing personal catastrophe, journalists are finding it difficult to do their jobs. The Association of Caribbean Media Workers is working to help journalists in the affected areas report their experiences, as well as help raise awareness about the devastation and help restore and give equipment to the media workers on the islands that were in the hurricanes' path. It also aims to train journalists on covering national disasters, issues of climate change and on covering human interest stories.

The Association of Caribbean Media Workers and GFMD call on media development community to help journalists and media workers in the Caribbean most affected by the hurricanes to get back to work and to provide a platform for telling of stories and bringing news. The Association of Caribbean Media Workers is also working to help journalists in the areas affected by hurricanes report their experiences, as well as help raise awareness about the devastation.  

For more information please contact Denis Scott Chabrol at [email protected] and Mira Milosevic at [email protected] or visit