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GFMD’s first webinar went live on 12 May 2017 with Article 19 and CIMA. Here is what you can do to be a part of our future webinars

18 May 2017
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In a new effort to encourage, support, and coordinate research efforts related to the field of media development, GFMD will be hosting two webinars per month during the course of 2017. Focus will be on documenting research results, with the express aim of sharing the information with media development practitioners in order to close the considerable gap between research and implementation that currently defines the field. 

The first GFMD webinar went live on 12 May 2017 with the Article19 and CIMA report on Media Development in the Digital Age: Five Ways to Engage in Internet Governance.

Discussion background:

 Media development practitioners know that Internet governance decisions have an increasingly significant influence on media ecosystems—both online and offline. Yet, figuring out how to meaningfully engage in the seemingly complex world of Internet governance can seem daunting. CIMA and Article19’s recent report, Media Development in the Digital Age: Five Ways to Engage in Internet Governance, is a guide for practitioners that identifies key issues being discussed at Internet governance bodies, and why they are relevant to the field of media development. In this webinar, the authors of the report laid out the key points from the report and answered questions from participants. We also discussed new efforts within the media development community to coordinate strategic engagement at Internet governance forums. Lastly, we explained why Internet governance is not only relevant but also fun.  

After participating in this webinar, participants were able to: 

  • Identify the four layers of the Internet and how each one affects media development work.
  • Describe how multistakeholder Internet governance functions and the opportunity it presents the media development community to foster vibrant media ecosystems. 
  • List the five most important Internet governance forums and how the policies they develop influence the media ecosystem. 
  • Give concrete examples of how Internet standards and protocols impact journalists, consumers of news, and the broader information environment.
  • Pinpoint effective strategies to become more involved in Internet governance bodies, especially for those with limited technical abilities.


Daniel O’Maley, Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA)

Niels ten Oever, Article19

Corinne Cath, Article19

Andreas Reventlow, International Media Support (IMS)

How you can be a part of GFMD’s new interactive webinar series:

GFMD is stepping up member engagement and coordination across it’s network! Members are encouraged to contribute to these webinars with presentations on or relevant to their work. In order to discuss your proposals further, please contact the GFMD Secretariat at [email protected].