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Your input can help inform GFMD’s strategy and activities

18 May 2017
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GFMD was established with a vision to foster greater coordination and knowledge-sharing within the media development community. For the coming period, GFMD seeks to maximise its strategic vision by expanding on the added value it provides to its members and partners. It seeks to work more closely with its network of stakeholders by delivering on the community’s needs and expectations and leveraging the available knowledge, skills, and expertise towards effective facilitation of the work done by the network.

In working towards this objective GFMD proposes the following activities:

  • Creating issue based working groups that bring practitioners and researchers together to produce collaborative research and solutions for the current challenges facing media development.
  • Creating a research repository to make available knowledge easily accessible to practitioners and stakeholders in digestible formats.
  • Creating a forum for information-sharing where members and partners can easily seek and provide information to their colleagues.

Due to its democratic organisational structure and commitment to needs- and evidence-based solutions, GFMD is inviting your contributions through this survey in order to help re-define and focus its future role within the international media development community and its mandate of increasing facilitation and coordination among its network of stakeholders.

Apart from this, if you have any ideas, suggestions, recommendations, documents, and/ or papers in terms of how you see GFMD facilitating your work and maximising the impact of media development, please write to our Executive Director, Mira Milosevic at [email protected].

Please remember that your responses will help shape GFMD's new strategic direction. Do take time to discuss the proposed topics with your colleagues, especially programme heads in your organisation, before completing the survey.

Thank you taking three minutes to fill out this short survey here.