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GFMD Co-Hosting RightsCon Session on Trump, Brexit and the Future of Media

02 March 2017
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GFMD will be co-hosting a session titled “Trump, Brexit and the Future of Independent Media and Digital Rights Activism” at the Access Now RightsCon event to be held in Brussels from 29-31 March 2017. The session is led by Susan Abbott of Cross-Pollinate Consulting and the roundtable discussion will include GFMD members Tara Susman-Peña from IREX and Friedrich Lindenberg from OCCRP as well as experts from Human Rights Watch, Open Rights Group, New Voices, UK, Central European University, Budapest, journalist Rohan Jayasekera, and Caroline Giraud, former Programmes and Policy Manager at GFMD and now Freedom of Expression/Media and Advocacy Specialist at Particip GmbH.

Session Outline

With the worrying trend towards populism and news fabrication (fake news) becoming an ongoing concern for both media practitioners and digital rights activists, solutions are needed to counter the threats undermining freedom of speech and civil liberties. Rather than fixating on these problems, this RightsCon session will attempt to offer a solutions-oriented perspective on what can be done in the light of the problems and challenges journalists and media outlets are currently facing.

The roundtable participants will be presenting projects that each of them are working on, offering their insights into how the digital rights community can make a difference and get involved with press freedom related work. In the years ahead, improved alliances, partnerships, and collaborations across these two sectors will be essential in the battle for freedom of speech and access to information.

If you are attending RightsCon this month, please do join us for this very informative session! (Date and location to be announced but keep an eye on the draft program here.)