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Workshop Summary- Data4SDG Workshop

15 February 2017
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The 2030 Agenda’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals - and their 169 targets - each require a set of indicators to monitor progress towards achieving the global goals. Once indicators are agreed, data will be required to hold governments accountable.

SDG16 - on issues of peace, justice, governance and human rights - in turn has 12 targets and 23 indicators.

But how will indicators and data linked to the SDGs strengthen accountability on issues of peace, justice and governance? How will they actually contribute to local and national change?

In December 2016, Saferworld, the Transparency, Accountability and Participation Network and the United Nations Development Programme held a workshop to discuss the importance of data and indicators in SDG16 implementation. This workshop summary – ‘Making them count’ – captures participants’ discussions.

Workshop Summary: Making them count: using indicators and data to strengthen accountability for the SDGs.

[Re-published with permission from Saferworld]