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Flair Media Consultancy


Flair Media Consultancy main vision, is to share the experience that our team has accumulated through years of experience in working with Pan- Arab and western media outlets. 

Our main mission is, reaching journalists, or journalism students, or media organisations who are working or covering the middle east or want to cover this area, and provide them with the means and tools necessary to understand the working environment, and to enhance in the best ways possible the quality and the content of their journalistic work.

We in Flair Media believe that journalism is an essential element in the daily life. We are fortunate to have deep rooted experience in covering the volatile region of the middle east, which is currently in the heart of the global news coverage. Flair Media aim to deliver its knowledge in tailored training and development courses as part of a bigger strategy to develop the media outlets in the Middle East.
We are utilising our connections with Western media in order to build bridges between journalists in the West and their counterparts in the Middle East.

We believe that one of our main missions, is to encourage responsible media coverage. This, has encouraged us to train and cooperate with more that 60 field teams, including journalists and producers and cameramen, who operate in MENA countries. Our cooperation with our teams, allows us to produce news content, and documentaries form the region.