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Panos Caribbean

Panos Caribbean’s mission is to amplify the voices of the poor and the marginalized through the media and ensure their inclusion in public and policy debate, in order to enable Caribbean people to communicate their own development agendas.


Programmatic Vision

Information which is independent, accurate and timely is fully utilized as a key resource for development. It includes as a matter of course the local perspectives from the most marginalized people in society. People, all over the region, affected by development issues are empowered to enter into dialogue with decision makers and communicate through the media on how such issues impact on their lives.

Caribbean media and journalists responsibly cover development issues and bring information from local and marginalized people to the table. They disseminate balanced development information, from all sectors, across linguistic, political, socio-economic and cultural borders.

The region maximizes communication processes which strengthen a participatory, inclusive and multilingual information base. Information is shared in a language appropriate to the culture and situation of the audience,
and further enriched in ensuing public debate.

Caribbean societies enjoy both freedom and pluralism of information. The Caribbean region is equitable; all forms
of exclusion, stigma and discrimination have been eliminated. The region is full of dialogue between all stakeholders and across all borders. The sustainable development of communities, countries and the region as a whole is being achieved.

Institutional Vision

Panos Caribbean has deepened its areas of work widely across the region in many languages and to many groups of marginalized people: capacity building, information production, information dissemination and networking on
communicating Caribbean development issues. The scale of implementation and impact of Panos is large, in particular through providing institutional and programmatic backing to many relevant initiatives. Panos enhances
development communication capacity in institutions owned and run by marginalized people, all across the region.

Panos keeps listening to groups of Caribbean beneficiaries (“Real People”) and designs new and innovative approaches for communicating their information and perspectives (“Real Voices”) more and more widely in more and more settings, locally, regionally and globally.

The high quality standards of Panos are recognized in all its activities and information outputs. Panos maximizes cost effectiveness and efficiency of all its operations. It employs systematic monitoring, impact measurement and evaluation. It is run in a fully transparent way and employs strong financial control.

Panos Caribbean’s staff works as one team, despite being spread out over the region. A large portfolio of activities is maintained, in all types of locations, from remote rural communities to media houses to urban neighbourhoods.

Panos keeps increasing institutional partnerships with media and civil society organizations where appropriate. In this way, the impact of Panos keeps growing, in a decentralized manner through locally-based people, while
Panos maintains cultural and socio-economic appropriateness of methodologies.

Value Statement

“Panos Caribbean: Real People – Real Voices”

A belief about PEOPLE: People have a right to information which enables them to make their own minds up about issues, according to their own circumstances, values, culture and convictions.

• A belief about INFORMATION: Information is a central resource to development, and people need access to understandable, relevant and unbiased information in order to take appropriate action.

• A belief about PUBLIC DEBATE: Informed inclusive public debate is an essential element of democratic societies.

• Therefore, PANOS CARIBBEAN is committed to excellence in all that it does, and insists on adhering to the highest standards of integrity, accuracy and authority in its information outputs and activities. Panos actively promotes reconciliation, debate, collaboration and mutual understanding between Caribbean countries and peoples.

Panos is entirely independent of any political or religious grouping and from  its funding sources.