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Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication



BNNRC does like to see the rural people has the easy, quick and low cost access to global communication so that they are enrich and updated by knowledge.


In view of the value “Communication is not a privilege it has become a basic human rights”, the BNNRCt will organize strategically important activities, studies, and advocacy so that the population of the rural areas will have easy, manageable and low cost communication facilities.

As the Bangladesh sector body for the community broadcasting/Community Media sector, the Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) is committed to promoting access to the community media for rural people in Bangladesh. We enable people to establish and develop community-based communications media for empowerment, cultural expression, education, information and entertainment in line with voices for the voiceless. Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication represents the community media sector to Government, Industry, Regulatory Bodies, Media and Development Partners. Our objectives are to increase recognition of community radio and open- up community television and community film as an important delivery agent for local aspirations on increasing volunteering, education and employment opportunities; improving local accountability and democracy; reducing the digital divide through providing access to ICT and media production skills; and support and to increase the ability of the sector to respond to the needs of rural disadvantage communities.