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Institut Panos Grands Lacs



Panos Great Lakes ( IPGL ) was established on 1 March 2014 by twelve men and women in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Rwanda.

Its headquarters is in Bujumbura, Burundi.

Although IPGL is a young association, his team has solid experience in project management for media development.

Indeed, IPGL is the result of a process of empowerment and autonomy undertaken by the Institute Panos Europe ( the former Institute Panos Paris ) to its offices in Central Africa (DRC , Burundi and Rwanda ) since 2009 .

This approach responds to a logical evolution :

- The one advocated by the values ​​of the Panos Council ( the international body comprising 6 Institutes Panos) that allowed successive creations Panos West Africa (2000) , Panos South Asia ( 2002) , Panos Southern Africa (2005) and Panos Eastern Africa (2006);

- The responsibility of the implementation of development programs in the South by South ;

- That of the increasing professionalization of the teams in the DRC, Burundi, Rwanda and Central Africa , the respective capacities have established a relationship of trust with partners and funders ;


We want a world in which identify open societies that respect human rights of the human person who aspires to improve the living conditions of people within the country and between them, with free flow of diverse and information and communication through independent , accountable and pluralistic media .

We hope for a peaceful world, more fair, open to the flow of ideas and in which all citizens are responsible and play into the construction of an environment conducive to the development and social welfare


Vector and actor of peace, progress and development , IPGL :

  • promotes media pluralism ;
  • supports access to independent information , diversified and responsible ;
  • contributes to the expression of populations.