"Being a member of this network gives us a major opportunity to meet and exchange with colleagues, better coordinate our activities, and develop new partnerships”. Caroline Vuillemin, Directrice Générale, Fondation Hirondelle.

What are the benefits of being a member?

  • Access to knowledge and expertise about journalism support and media development through our network of experts, research and studies relevant to our field. We facilitate this through the GFMD website, social media groups, and our newsletter;
  • Partnership building and collective action that can influence decision makers and stakeholders including international philanthropy and development donors;
  • Networking events with our members and other organizations in the industry, both locally and internationally. The GFMD holds numerous meetings, conferences, and events annually;
  •  Active involvement in the Forum’s joint proposals, projects and initiatives, regional caucuses, working groups, committees and decision-making bodies;
  • Representation at international forums including the UN, EU, World Bank, World Forum on Information Society, OECD, IAMCR, the Internet Government Forum, and more;
  • Online forum and tools repository to present available knowledge in an easily accessible and digestible format;
  • Tailor-made services, including non-profit partnership building, management & fundraising training, market research, and consulting services related to organizational strategy.

Who can become a GFMD member?

GFMD members are organizations that work in support of:

  • Journalism, journalists and content production;
  • Media development;
  • Freedom of expression;
  • Media capacity and financial viability;
  • Free, efficient, and public access to information and news distribution;
  • A system of media regulation;
  • Transparent and equal market conditions;
  • Media as a platform for democratic discourse as representatives of the diversity of views and interests in society.

Categories of GFMD membership

The GFMD has both General and Associate Members:

General Members:

  • Independent, non-profit, non-governmental organizations, institutions and enterprises whose work focuses primarily on journalism support and media development with international, regional or national reach;
  • The GFMD accepts, on a case-by-case basis, organizations such as NGOs based on their independence, their non-profit status and their mandates rather than on official registration.

Associate Members:

  • Organisations, institutions, enterprises and individuals (academics, researchers, media consultants, experts) whose work focuses significantly on journalism, media development and communication and information sectors with international, regional or national reach;
  • Associate membership is also open to institutions and enterprises, whose main function is to make financial grants to journalists and media development organisations or who provide considerable assistance to media development.


How much is the membership fees?

GFMD membership fees are based on the type of the organisation and on an organization’s annual turnover, and it ranges from USD500 to USD15,000 at the level of around 0.1% of annual turnover.




Annual turnover  in excess of USD 15,000,000



Annual turnover  in excess of USD 10,000,000



Annual turnover  in excess of USD 5,000,000



Annual turnover  in excess of USD 3,000,000



Annual turnover  in excess of USD 1,000,000



Base fee for general members



Base fee for associate members