Who can become a GFMD member?


Based on the constitution of the GFMD, the organizations wishing to join must work to support freedom of expression and media pluralism including actions in support of:

  • A system of media regulation;
  • The building of media capacity and financial viability;
  • Transparent and equal market conditions and full transparency of ownership;
  • Media as a platform for democratic discourse as representatives of the diversity of views and interests in society;
  • Professional capacity building;
  • Public access and efficient use of technology to gather and distribute news and information.

Categories of GFMD membership


The GFMD has both General and Associate Members:

General Members are defined as:

  • Independent, non–governmental organizations whose work focuses significantly on media development;
  • Independence implies independence from government, political parties and any vested political or religious interests;
  • Independence includes independence in governing structure, funding and activities;
  • The GFMD accepts, on a case-by-case basis, organizations such as NGOs based on their independence, their non-profit status and their mandates rather than on official registration;
  • General Members pay membership fees and can be elected to the GFMD Steering Committee.

Associate Members:

  • Media assistance NGOs with annual turnover below USD200,000;
  • Associate Members do not pay fees. They cannot stand for election to the Steering Committee;
  • This category of membership is also open to institutions and enterprises whose main function is to make financial grants to media development organizations or that provide considerable assistance to media development;
  • These organizations make financial contributions to the work of the GFMD and they can participate fully in GFMD work, including attendance at regional and global forums.

What are the benefits of being a member?


  • Members gain access to research and best practices from the field;
  • Local organisations become better able to professionalize media because they can learn of best professional and ethical practices;
  • Members are also part of GFMD’s network of international media development organizations, donors and development policymakers;
  • Members find increased effectiveness of donor money and receive advice and tips on partnerships and fundraising;
  • They can be involved in coordination meetings that raise awareness of the media’s ability to advance human rights and economic and political development in their respective countries;
  • These meetings provide an important platform on which to engage with authorities at the national and regional levels and raise visibility of members’ activities.
  • All members have the right to submit information for distribution to the GFMD platforms;
  • Members receive the most updated tools, studies and reports on media development; information about who is working on what; and news published on the GFMD website and the quarterly GFMD newsletter, The Insider;
  • At least ten international multilateral organizations (United Nations groups, and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development [OECD], World Bank, African Union, Arab League, Organization of American States, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, European Union and Asian Economic Network [ASEAN], among others) benefit from the GFMD, an expert representative group of media development organizations with a strong network throughout the developed and developing world;
  • These organisations provide feedback, raise standards and ethics, and help solve key development issues. All members have the right to attend the GFMD World Conference and any other general GFMD activities and join in discussions.


How much are the membership fees?


The membership fee depends on an organization’s annual turnover, and it ranges from USD200 to USD15,000:




Annual turnover  in excess of USD 15,000,000



Annual turnover  in excess of USD 10,000,000



Annual turnover  in excess of USD 5,000,000



Annual turnover  in excess of USD 3,000,000



Annual turnover  in excess of USD 1,000,000



Annual turnover  in excess of USD 500,000 



Minimum fee for general members