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Media Institute for Southern Africa


MISA as a membership based NGO

  • MISA operates as a regional programme with national chapters forming its membership in 11 (eleven) southern African countries.
  • MISA has a participatory corporate governance structure that involves all its member chapters from national to regional level
  • MISA has a decentralised corporate management structure with the Regional Secretariat at the top supported by national chapter management structures
  • The MISA members are National Chapters
  • Each Chapter is registered as an autonomous NGO or Trust in accordance with the laws of the country where the chapter is registered
  • Chapter rules and regulations are in place to define the corporate identity of national chapters as members of MISA

MISA as a social movement with national chapters

MISA is also an organised group of activists advocating for the specific social agenda of media freedom and freedom of expression. In this regard, MISA is a social movement with the following characteristics:

  • The MISA national chapters are membership based NGOs or Trusts
  • At the chapter level, MISA is made up of individual and institutional members promoting the right to freedom of expression and access to information
  • The representatives of these members are elected to form national and regional governance structures in accordance with the provisions of the MISA rules and regulations for chapters as well as the deed of Trust, as amended from time to time.