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Fondation Hirondelle


Fondation Hirondelle is a Swiss non-governmental organization of journalists and humanitarian aid professionals. Since 1995, it has been creating or supporting independent, civic-minded news media in conflict, post-conflict and crisis zones.

Fondation Hirondelle works to develop media outlets with popular appeal and a wide audience. Its top priority is to make its media credible through fact-based, professional journalism. It does not allow its staff to express personal opinions on air. Internationals never go on air, but only journalists from the country concerned. Broadcasting is in local languages insofar as possible. Fondation Hirondelle’s radio stations each have their own professional and ethical codes of conduct. Editorial policy gives priority to a daily and concrete defence of human rights. Fondation Hirondelle’s staff are of many nationalities. The main working languages within the organization are English and French.

Fondation Hirondelle works to create or support sustainable media that can run themselves without help from Fondation Hirondelle and international aid donors. To this end, it also develops media management, advertising and revenue generating structures that can help ensure the financial and institutional independence of its media in the longer term.

Fondation Hirondelle’s projects are financed mostly by governments.