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IFEX- Regional Editors

28 November 2017

IFEX is seeking individuals for the following positions, to start in January 2018: 

• Regional Editor for the Middle East and North Africa Region 

• Regional Editor for the Sub-Saharan Africa Region

Letters of interest are also accepted in all Regional Editor positions on a year-round basis, and you will be kept informed on file pending a position opening up. 

About IFEX and the Regional Editor role 

IFEX is a global network of over 100 member organizations based in over 70 countries around the world that defend and promote the right to freedom of expression and information. Regional Editors are a critical part of our communications team, and are based in the region they cover. 

Regional Editors help ensure that IFEX maintains a strong connection with the events, the trends, the movers and the shakers, the writers and the influencers in their region, and they contribute to communications that reflect and respond to regional issues and priorities. 

We have five Regional Editors, based in: Europe & Central Asia; Sub-Saharan Africa; the Americas; the Middle East and North Africa; and Asia & Pacific. 

For more information visit IFEX website.