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Annual Report Devlopment Consultant- SDG16 Data Initiative

02 December 2016

About the Sustainable Development Goal 16 Data Initiative (SDG16DI):

The SDG16 Data Initiative (SDG16DI) is a collective project composed of a consortium of organizations seeking to support the open tracking of the global commitments made by more than 194 countries on peace, justice, and strong institutions. Saferworld and the Small Arms Survey are members of the SDG16DI.

The initiative aims to complement efforts currently underway to develop an official indicator framework for monitoring the SDGs. The Inter-agency Expert Group on SDG Indicators (IAEG-SDGs) has identified 23 global indicators under SDG16’s 12 targets. It is intended that national statistical systems will eventually produce the majority of the data for these indicators. The UN Statistical System and other global organizations will then collate this official data at the global level. However, official data availability and coverage is currently limited and it may take years to develop the necessary capacities and collect data for official monitoring through official statistical systems. In the interim, we should draw on available data to help countries to begin monitoring SDG16.

The SDG16DI, formed by a group of organizations with expertise in these areas, aims to fill this role. The initiative is an attempt to pull together data sets in an open format in order to track SDG16 and provide an easily accessible snapshot of the current situation, and eventually of progress, over time. To this end, we include both global and complementary indicators, presented with official and unofficial data. The process also seeks to identify potential challenges in data quality, availability, and coverage that need to be addressed.

Purpose of the annual report:

The SDG16DI is developing an annual report intended to provide a snapshot of the following issues:

  • 40%: How is the world making measurable progress towards meeting SDG16? 

  • 30%: How is the world progressing toward better data coverage on SDG16 issues? 

  • 10%: How are stakeholders already using SDG16 data to drive change? 

  • 20%: Focus on a specific challenge facing the world (likely to be closing civil society space). 
The report is planned as a printed and online resource for policy-makers (in government, donor, and multilateral agencies) as well as accountability actors (such as civil society groups, parliaments, and the media). The online version will be made available as an interactive section of the website, as well as a PDF for download. 
The report will include a one-page introduction, two pages on each of the twelve SDG16 targets (covering progress, coverage, and examples on the use of data) and two pages on a specific theme (for example on civil society space). 

Scope of work and deliverables:

The consultant will: 

  • Research different design types of annual reports. 

  • Present the SDG16DI with a set of three report format options for both the printable and 
online versions of the report. 

  • Design the layout of the report, once a choice of formats has been made. 

  • Produce templates for each chapter of the report for SDG16 DI members to fill in. The 
template will need to factor in how the information can be displayed in an online version in 
an interactive way. 

  • Develop a process for the production and distribution of the report.


The consultant will have:

Documented experience of graphic design, including presenting data. 

Documented experience of designing similar reports. 

Relevant project management experience. 
Desirable qualifications include: 

Experience in the governance, human rights, justice, peacebuilding, and international 
development fields. 

A solid understanding of data and indicators. 

A solid understanding of the SDGs and SDG16 specifically. 


There is a budget for no more than 12.5 days at $400. Final payment will only be made on satisfactory completion of deliverables.


The consultant’s terms will be until 28 February 2017, though early delivery is preferred. 

Application process:

Please send a CV and 2-3 examples of work that demonstrate how you meet the requirements above to Ursala Knudsen-Latta ([email protected]) by 11 December 2016. 

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for a short Skype interview with Saferworld and Small Arms Survey in the week of 12 December 2016. 

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.