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Digital Audience Analytics Webinar April 4 at 15:00 CET

02 April 2018

Join us on April 4 at 15:00 CET to hear more about digital analytics tools available to newsrooms, editors and media development practitioners, and why is the way we measure audience in digital important for the future of journalism.

Both big data and qualitative rich insights into new consumer cultures and context can contribute in two ways to journalism and high quality media: first, by enabling us to know news audiences better and serve them better and second, by dismantling the system that has primarily valued and monetised cat videos, sensational headlines, clickbait and misinformation. This webinar aims to showcase current developments in the field of digital audience analytics. Panellists will discuss current developments in the field of digital analytics tools available to newsrooms, editors and advertisers, and why tools like this are important for the future of journalism. The panel will examine the role of digital audience analytics from the perspective of journalism support and media development practitioners, news media - editors and journalists. The webinar’s central consideration will be the ways in which we can move away from page views and other single metrics and towards more complex metrics like engagement loyalty and other performance indicators that are relevant for media businesses. 



Dejan Nikolic, Co-Founder & CEO of Content Insights - Content Insights is the editorial analytics package created by editors for editors, aiming to solve the problem of evaluation of content performance in the digital environment while keeping the old-school journalism ethics and professional values. Dejan will present how their comprehensive audience analytic tool works and how this can complement Google analytics.

Fatima Bahja, Manager of New Initiatives at the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) – ICFJ and Google News Lab have recently launched an interactive data explorer, which makes it easy for users to dig into a wealth of new survey data from hundreds of newsrooms worldwide. Fatima will present the results of the study and ICFJ’s new tool, which encourages journalists to discover unseen trends.

Moderator: Nick Tjaardstra, Director, Global Advisory WAN-IFRA - Nick focuses on digital subscription models and leads advanced digital revenue programmes. He helped to build the Media Management Accelerator Programme and will discuss ways in which GFMD members and their partners can learn from these courses. 

This webinar series is organised with support from National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

Please note that the webinar will take place at the following times across the globe: Los Angeles: 06:00 / Mexico City: 08:00 / New York 09:00 / Sao Paolo: 10:00 / London: 14:00 / Brussels: 15:00 / Karachi: 18:00 / Jakarta: 20:00.

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