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GFMD Webinar on Audience Research and Media Development

06 March 2018
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GFMD Webinar on Audience Research and Media Development

This webinar, the first in a new series of conversations about research and learning, supported by National Endowment for Democracy (NED), aims to showcase current developments in the field of audience research in media development. Panellists will share their insights on how audience data can be used for project design, informing project implementation, monitoring, and evaluation, and how it can be used by the varying types of local news media with which media development programs often work. The panel will examine the importance of audience research from the perspective of media development practitioners, news media, and journalists. 

Panellists include:

Michelle Foster, an international media management and marketing consultant who helps news media companies to improve business performance. In 2014, Michelle has authored CIMA report "Measuring the Audience: Why it Matters to Independent News Media and How It Can Contribute to Media Development"

Sonia Whitehead, Head of Research Programmes at BBC Media Action, overseeing research across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. In 2017, Sonia has authored BBC Media Action report: "Building Resilience: How Research has been Used to Develop and Evaluate Media and Communication Approach"

Dennis Reineck and Christoph Spurk who have authored recent DW Akademie report "Audience Research in Media Development". Dennis Reineck is a project manager at DW Akademie, section research and evaluations. He conducts studies and evaluations in developing countries. Christoph Spurk currently works at the Institute of Applied Media Studies (IAM), Zurich University of Applied Sciences. Christoph does research in Communication and Media and Comparative Politics.

Moderator: Susan Abbott, GFMD research advisor. Susan is an independent consultant who specializes in working with non-profit organizations, universities, and donors in the areas of media development, civil society assistance, and digital rights.
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