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Our mission & vision

Our mission


As stated in our founding agreement in Amman, our commitment is to make media development an integral part of international development strategies, just like education or health. We work with more than 350 organizations from 100 countries. We support the creation and strengthening of independent, sustainable and pluralistic media, as defined by the declarations of UNESCO at conferences in Windhoek, Almaty, Santiago de Chile, Sana’a and Sofia.

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Our vision


GFMD’s vision is summarized in a code of practice developed by and for its members as a common ethical framework to which GFMD members commit themselves. Our aims foster:

  • Collaboration: Creating a network to advocate for support from donors, governments, opinion leaders and the wider public.
  • Knowledge: Promoting and disseminating research and analysis on the impact of media in social and economic development. 
  • Professionalization: Establishing agreed-upon standards and ethics for media worldwide.
  • Shared learning: Evaluating media development work to identify and advance best practices and new technologies.

We define media in the broadest possible sense. The participants in our member organizations are not limited to professional journalists, media and media development organizations, but also include citizen journalists, investigative reporters networks and civil society organisations in support of free media and freedom of expression. In the fast-changing media environment, the GFMD constantly evolves, integrating new members and approaches to enhance our work.

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