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About the World Forum 2016

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September 20-22, 2016

GFMD held its 4th global meeting in Jakarta in Sept. 2016 with over 400 participants from over 80 countries. The 2016 World Forum for Media Development, entitled Decoding the Future: Rethinking Media for a New World was organized in partnership with the Indonesian Press Council at Multimedia Nusantara University in Tangerang.

The goal was for participants to share best practices, new technologies and practical research; help each other find solutions for challenges facing the sector; and explore ideas to sustainably enhance news coverage, access to information and protection of journalists.

The World Forum explored the following topics over the 3 days of the conference:

  • Asia: A who’s who in the Asian media landscape, the top players, the local values and the new business models;
  • Extremism: The ways and means to counter radical narratives with quality journalism, ethics and commitment to human rights and free speech;
  • Media and business: Understanding who owns the media and how to ensure sustainability of quality journalism;
  • Audience: A look into today’s media consumers, their habits, expectations and aspirations;
  • Technology: Discovering the latest trends and how to make sense of what new technological advance mean for tomorrow’s journalism

The World Forum also focused on access to information, recently established as UN Sustainable Development Goal 16.10 and on the importance of coordination for media development to create synergies facing the most pressing challenges.

As per tradition, a new GFMD Steering Committee was elected with representatives from the 7 caucuses of Asia, Middle East and North Africa, Africa, Eurasia, Western Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and North America.

6 former members of the Steering Committee agreed to stay aboard in an advisory capacity to support the new committee members until further notice.

A new chairman, Columbia-based Ricardo Corredor from the Fundación Gabriel García Marquéz para el Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano (FNPI) was elected to replace outgoing chairman Leon Willems from Free Press Unlimited.


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