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European Media Freedom Act (EMFA) is adopted by the European Parliament

The European Media Freedom Act (EMFA) was adopted by the European Parliament today, with an overwhelming majority, receiving 464 votes in favour, 92 against, and 65 abstentions.

Author: Yelyzaveta Bezushko | 13. March 2024

The Act will oblige EU governments to better protect media against malign interference and limit the use of spyware against journalists. Outlets will also have to transparently disclose information about ownership, funding and state advertising. In the age of increased authoritarianism, capture of media space, misinformation and disinformation, the European Media Freedom Act is a rare legislation that is looking at measures to promote and preserve freedom of expression and media pluralism, which are key for democratic systems to survive.

EMFA is adopted

European Parliament’s voting for the EMFA

Coalition calls for effective implementation as the Parliament adopts the European Media Freedom Act

The working group on EMFA (part of the wider EU Media Advocacy Working Group) has launched a joint letter calling for the effective implementation of the European Media Freedom Act

While the EMFA is setting a crucial baseline, the 21 organisations signing the letter call for further action from Member States, regulatory bodies and the Commission, urging them to strengthen safeguards for journalists’ rights and media pluralism beyond minimum standards and to collaborate closely with media and civil society stakeholders for the EMFA’s effective implementation. Undersigned organisations stand ready to support this effort to ensure a resilient press landscape across the EU.

Read the full version of the joint letter here

For more information or to join the EMFA working group please get in touch with advocacy@gfmd.info

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