In  times of crisis, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, when journalists are needed most, journalism itself is fighting extinction. While audience numbers are reaching record-highs as people desperately search for reliable information, news media around the world are suffering a dramatic dip in advertising revenue amid the sudden economic downturn.

Now, more than ever, a clear understanding is needed of how news media outlets can stay – or become – viable. Which aspects should be considered when trying not only to survive financially as a media outlet but to produce quality content and attract enough income to run a successful business?

To answer these questions, DW Akademie has developed a new set of indicators. The Media Viability Indicators (MVIs) provide a practical tool that allow media managers, media development experts, donors, and academics to gather data and evidence sorely needed for more effective strategies by evaluating individual media outlets or entire information ecosystems. The framework considers a range of aspects covering politics, economics, communities, technology, and content.

You can download the Discussion Paper and a full list of indicators and a detailed methodology is available here.