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Coordinating media assistance and journalism support efforts in Sudan  

In light of the ongoing crisis in Sudan GFMD has initiated a series of information-sharing and coordination meetings for media and media development actors inside and outside of the country.

Author: Anne Marie Hammer | 23. May 2023

Coordinating media assistance and journalism support efforts in Sudan 

Using the experiences and lessons learned from our Lebanese and Ukrainian coordination efforts, the GFMD secretariat invited affected members and partners across the region to an online meeting on April 28. Participants from media organisations working in Sudan were asked to share their knowledge about the immediate needs and priorities of their colleagues on the ground. Topics discussed included:

  • The need for information about relocation efforts by international organisations to be translated into Arabic and disseminated via local channels
  • Alternative, reliable methods of getting cash into the country
  • Identification and mapping of the need for PPE on the ground. Mental health resources need to be translated into Arabic
  • Phone lines are often down, and journalists don’t have enough credit to transmit reports to their newsrooms. Venturing outside to buy credit is too dangerous
  • Several GFMD members are exploring the possibility of creating safe hubs for co-working for journalists either within or outside of the country
  • Identification and mapping of media-in-exile relocating outside of Sudan
  • Emergency funding: Identifying fundraising efforts for media and media workers in Sudan. If possible, redirect funds for international media development organisations to local organisations on the ground.

A second meeting was held on May 11 with the participation of several international agency representatives and reiterated the importance of continued information sharing and coordination of ongoing efforts.

The secretariat is in regular contact with the Journalists in Distress network (JiD) to ensure that all stakeholders are informed of available assistance and to share information about journalists in need of their help.

On the basis of these information-sharing calls, the coordination group members will continue to:

  1. Map and identify key local organisations that can coordinate and help in providing support locally.
  2. Provide information about resources/funding that Sudan media/journalists are able to apply for. Provide this information in Arabic and share it with journalists. (Maybe organise a unified easy form to apply for support, if possible, in Arabic).
  3. Keep coordinating and sharing information.

If your organisation is active in Sudan or is able to provide support to journalists and media workers in conflict, and you would like to participate in GFMD’s coordination efforts, please contact Anne Marie Hammer at amhammer@gfmd.info.


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