The United Nations invites civil society actors working on development, peace and security, human rights, and humanitarian issues to be part of a global online discussion on the UN’s role in protecting and promoting civic space. The feedback and recommendations received during the consultations will inform the development of the United Nations’ overall strategy on the protection and promotion of civic space. Consultations will take place between January 13th and January 24th, 2020.

The consultations will specifically focus on three areas:

  1. Partnership: What are entry points for you to engage with the UN entities and processes, and how do you receive information about the UN’s work? What can the UN do to reach out to diverse civil society actors or groups?
  2. Protection: What role do you expect the UN to play in situations when civil society actors are at risk from offline and online attacks? How could the UN better protect civil society from acts of intimidation and reprisals for cooperation with the UN?
  3. Promotion: What role should the UN play to ensure meaningful civil society participation in national decision-making processes? What role should the UN play to promote civic space and to support civil society better?

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