Journalists serve as the watchdogs of democracy. In the era of data-driven voter profiling and micro-targeted political campaigns, plausible bots and automated disinformation, it is necessary for journalists to increase their comprehension of the application of AI in contemporary information production and dissemination. Doing so will not only preserve their role in society and protect the public interest but also extend toward safeguarding modern democratic elections.

This year’s 8th edition of the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom’s Summer School for journalists and media practitioners follows the European Parliament elections scheduled for May 2019. Hence, the School will provide an opportunity to thoroughly reflect on the campaign practices employed in the EP elections but will also provide general theoretical and practical training to journalists covering elections: equipping them with tools and skills to enhance their reporting and their understanding on how AI is being employed in political persuasion – so they can effectively evaluate emerging campaign practices and continue holding power to account. The topics covered at the training are also relevant for policy-makers, media authorities and other media practitioners.

This year’s Summer School will offer the opportunity to around 25 journalists and media practitioners from all over the world to step out of their daily routines and dive into an interactive learning environment in Florence at the European University Institute. The programme will be structured around interactive sessions with distinguished experts and scholars, complemented with hands-on workshops and exchange among participants.

Application deadline: 30 April 2019

When? 24-28 June 2019 – FLORENCE, ITALY

To apply, please click here.